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Valuation & Risk Assessment

• As rapidly evolving globalization and corresponding ease of connectivity continue to reshape the market-place, our valued customers deserve specialized and professional valuation services to accurately evaluate the impact of Real-Estate on such financial decisions.

• In most of the cases, property(s) is primarily purchased for use and/or as an investment option. Purchaser anticipates return or benefits from the invested property against cost outlay and future developments that are some of the critical but fast emerging variables noticed as urbanization expands at a very rapid pace.

• Keeping in line with the changing times, Indiassetz offers comprehensive Valuation and Risk Advisory Services to investors, developers and advisors seeking assistance on existing assets, potential acquisitions, new development projects and properties slated for disposal. Services offered are precise, legitimate, independent, objective, timeline driven and most importantly, very cost-effective.

• We also strongly feel to have an edge here owing to our strong knowledge of native topography as also assiduously built network of associates over a period of time. Indiassetz diligently offers Valuation and Risk Advisory Services across transactional applications viz. Residential, Commercial and Industrial Assets covering the following:

• Residential and Commercial Property(s).
• Retail Spaces, Shopping Malls and Multiplexes.
• IT Parks.
• Hotels, Resorts, Service Apartments and Hospitality Property(s).
• Pre-leased Commercial Assets.
• Industrial & Warehousing Units.

Summation of how our advisory services are extended to each set of individual(s) is listed below:-

Investors. Thorough research on prevalent and anticipated market trends, potential growth areas, factual timing and identified opportunities enable us to advise our valued customers to firm up investments. Wealth Managers. Provisioning advice on investment opportunities, possible purchases and any disposal strategies is our forte.

Corporate Landowners. Wide-ranging research carried out into assessing alternative development settings and revenue potential through assets disposal or prospective JV enables customers to make informed decision.

Development. Meticulous and contemporary work ethics helps us in identifying, unlocking, appraising right value in Land and Buildings brimming with development potential.

Existing Assets. Adopting professional approach in the valuation of bouquet of portfolios as also independent houses, apartments / villas, plots and lands provides invaluable information for any contemplated moves of our customers.

Disposals. Team of experienced professionals facilitates insights into our corporate and individual land-owing customers in achieving significantly higher returns from intended disposals.

Acquisitions. Knowledgeable professionals well versed in the nitty-gritties of acquisitions support our customers to not only make informed decision based on prevailing market trends but also justify investments for all its worth.

Transactions. Expert counsel truly reflecting your needs is what our team delivers while undertaking complete process of Transactions.

Indiassetz flourishes and relishes in undertaking all of the above through well-established and time-tested Standard Operating Procedures.