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Vacation Homes

• Vacation Homes are often investment properties wherein owner fervently wishes the property proves to be a good long-term asset yielding handsome returns. A Vacation Home can be a house, apartment, condominium, Villa etc. It is well documented that India’s uber-rich have always splurged on their Vacation Homes boasting of elegant Farmhouses, Koi Ponds, Equestrian facilities, Themed Event Venues, Beach Front Gardens and private Golf Courses.

• Hitherto considered exclusive bastion of uber-rich, people of more modest means too are following closely on the former’s heels by getting on to the leisure-property ladder buying retreats to primarily escape the maddening city crowds. Especially after witnessing unprecedented growth of urban landscaping in the last decade or two, there is no dearth of people seeking peaceful sanctuary in the form of second home investment away from the teeming urban landscape. Heady combination of aspirational outlook and increasing quest for solitude continues to drive urban India’s achievers to own Vacation Homes around verdant countryside mostly around Metropolitan Cities.

• Market dynamics dictate that consistent economic growth, rising income levels, easy and attractive home loan options, wide range of lifestyle homes are allowing people on the lookout for second investment with bouquet of alternatives to choose from. Indiassetz closely monitors and keeps an eye on the emerging trends vis-à-vis Vacation Homes.

• Indiassetz is absolutely well positioned to advise and pass on such property listings to our valued customers to choose from including buying / selling / renting Vacation Homes.