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Tenancy Management

Renting out property or having a vacant property that is not being monitored is always fraught with dangers and avoidable risks. At the back of one’s mind, there is always a nagging fear of delinquent tenants and encroachments that could affect your property, especially if you live far away or possibly outside of the country. Indiassetz’s Tenancy Management Services are specifically designed to ensure highest safety and security of your property and also to provide you with all-important peace of mind.

Indiassetz manages entire gambit of Tenancy Management Cycle explained briefly as hereunder:-

Tenant Screening & Documentation. Prospective tenant shall be thoroughly screened for genuineness and also matching of the laid down parameters specific to your property that are undertaken in right earnest. Prospecting exercise is always accorded top most priority that includes profile and other background verifications. Once a prospective tenant agrees to the laid down conditions of the property owner, designated executive shall coordinate and arrange for the visit.

We undertake property inspection, capture pictures and prepare inventory checklist of all the fixtures / equipments / items available. Post due-diligence covering rental and deposit terms, mandatory KYC documentation shall be undertaken along with relevant paperwork viz. tenant agreement. If you are not present in India, you may provide a limited / specific power of attorney to your representative or us to proceed further.

Tenant Management. Before a tenant moves in, all required property maintenance like Electrical / Plumbing / Masonry / Carpentry / Housekeeping / Interiors and other related works shall be undertaken. Tenant shall also be explained in detail about the limitations, restrictions and responsibilities towards the usage of the property at the time of signing the rental / lease agreement. In addition to the above, any queries arising during the tenant’s occupancy vis-à-vis shall be handled by us promptly.

Tenant Vacation. When a tenant vacates your property on completion of the lease / rental period or on termination, a thorough inventory check against the list shall be carried out by us. Guidance will be provided in the form of a report for final settlement against the wear and tear as also minor / major damages to the property, as the case may be. Subsequent finding of a new tenant post vacation of the present one also constitutes within the purview of our scope of work. All Maintenance works shall be undertaken during this transition period with utmost diligence.

Renewal of Agreement. If the current tenant expresses willingness to continue, the renewal of the agreement shall be managed by us based on your inputs, terms and conditions. If you so wish to look out for a new tenant, the process mentioned above shall be repeated yet again with same intent and purpose.