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Tenancy Management

Tenancy Management as part of our Portfolio Management services is aimed at taking responsibility of your property like our own and ensuring utmost safety of your asset.

Tenancy Management is a bundle of services under which we not only front end with the tenants on your behalf, ensuring timely payment of the rental income but also resolve tenant queries with regards to property, monitor periodic maintenance, ensure payment of local taxes and undertake property repairs and improvement / enhancement work.

The biggest benefactors of this service are those who have multiple properties in multiple locations, having been let-out but have little time to monitor them. It also interests many of our overseas clients who have their assets in India but do not have the wherewithal to monitor them personally. Tenancy Management as a highly transactional service thus aids in taking the load of constant property monitoring, off your back, ensuring that you regret no more having made an investment in a Real Estate Asset.


Why should you choose us?

✔ We are the only professional run Real Estate Advisory and Portfolio Management firm in India and our ever-growing customer base stands testimony for the quality of work we do.

✔ As service experts we live by our core value of integrity and keep our customer’s gain at the center of everything we do.