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The term ‘Tax’ and ‘Compliance’ go hand in hand, irrespective of the geography. Every capital transaction made, attracts Tax implication thus making it quintessential to be aligned with the Tax laws of the land.

To service this need of our clients based in India and overseas who have or intend to make investments in India, we at Indiassetz in partnership with the pioneers in Accounting across borders, offer professional assistance and consultation on all Accounting and Taxation needs. Our Tax Advisory services is categorized under three broad heads -

    1. India Taxation Advisory
    2. US Taxation Advisory
    3. Dubai Taxation Advisory

As we strive to simplify tax woes for our clients and enable them to be 100% law complaint, we continue to add to the list below on need basis. Some of the key services on offer as part of our Tax Advisory are -

   1. Tax filing and Compliance (incl. FATCA)
   2. Personal and Corporate Bookkeeping
   3. Audit Representations (IRS and Income Tax Department)
   4. Audit with IFRS standards and GAAP audit
   5. Expatriation Assistance (15 CA/CB)
   6. Employee Relocation Services (incl. Negotiation and formulation of contracts)
   7. Gift and Planning related to Real Estate 8. Corporate, Trust and LLC set up USA and India


Why should you choose us?

✔ We offer you the best, by the best and at the best price..

✔ Our partners are not only an authority on Accounting & Tax across borders, but also have expertise on resolving complex Tax matters and strong liaison with the Govt. authorities to their credit.