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Market Research and Advisory Services

• Our Market Research and Advisory Services is a boutique offering that covers the whole gamut of Real Estate Wealth management While ‘Research’ is a projection of our strength on well researched market data;‘Advisory’ as the word suggests, is a consulting service aimed at bringing forth the nuances involved in your Real Estate Wealth Investment decision, be it buying or selling, by engaging in grass root level conversations

• Our Market Research team works on the collective intelligence of the data gathered (of the Primary and Secondary market both)of various players in the market, studying trends and forecasting risks, aiding the decision-making process supported with rationale and reliable data, thereby ensuring profitable investments.

• As part of our Market Research and Advisory Services, backed by the wealth of experience of our ex-banker team who not only foresee problems but also possess the market know-how to provide you with the solutions and set realistic expectations, we are fully aligned with the changing paradigm of the Real Estate market and enjoy the position of being the only firm providing unbiased ‘Market Research’ and ‘Advisory’ services in India today.


Under the umbrella of our Real Estate Advisory and Portfolio Management services, we help intepret and advise you on the RERA regulations that may affect your existing Assets and/or have a bearing on your buying decisions; thereby mitigating regulatory / non-compliance risks for your Portfolio of investments.


Why should you choose us?

✔ We offer unbiased advisory for we work with individuals and not patronize any Institution or Developer.

✔ Our team of ex-bankers brings with them a rich experience across the length and breadth of Wealth Management. You can trust us!

✔ Our Market Research data is validated for its accuracy for not only the Primary but also Secondary and Micro markets making it all encompassing and reliable.