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Legal Assistance

As a vital part of its diversified Real-Estate Wealth Management & Advisory portfolios, Indiassetz offers its esteemed clients a broad spectrum of Legal Advisory services combining knowledge and experience in different legal practice areas with the multi-disciplinary approach of the firm. Areas of expertise are as under:-

• Due diligence of property documentation, change in ownership documents and conducting title searches for others, homes, real estate projects / properties etc.

• Drafting and reviewing of the following:-

• Lease deeds, sub-lease agreement, leave and license deed, maintenance agreement, commercial leases of property, no objection certificate, partition deed, power of attorney, special power of attorney, service agreements, amenities agreement, family settlement, sale deeds, agreement to sell etc.,.

• Escrow agreement, builder agreement, construction contracts, bank guarantee, master purchase agreements, memorandum of understanding (MOU), mortgage deed, transfer deed, gift deed, change of use of the property, indemnity bonds, addendum, franchise agreement, plaints, interim applications and suits for specific performance of the contract etc.,.

• Land development agreement, sale and purchase agreement, letter of intent, purchase orders, concessionaire agreements, performance related bonds, agreements with architects, construction contract, work and purchase orders, conducting agreements and tri-partite agreements.

• Advisory / opinions on Real Estate related matters.

Legal opinion assumes tremendous importance for availing home loans as well. Indiassetz through its professional counsel facilitates in arriving at an informed decision to finalize on the matter without any ambiguity.