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Legal Assistance

The term Real Estate is synonymous to Legal and yet there is very little awareness about it and has always remained as an indistinct process. Indiassetz, in partnership with its empaneled legal professionals, offers unbiased, independent and comprehensive Legal advisory, keeping the interest of the customer as #1 priority, up fronting the potential risks and advantages thereof.

The reasons for most people not seeking Legal Assistance are two-fold. One, the cause Real Estate industry being unorganized makes the process appear so complex that people averse to seeking legal assistance. And the second more common reason is the misplaced understanding that people have on the background check process done by a Bank or NBFC as a lender.

Banks are financing institutions and not law firms thus, as a lender the only thing that concerns them is the recovery of money. As a financing institution they only check for the repayment appetite of the developer (basis which they approve properties), the repayment appetite of the borrower (basis which they approve the loan) and the authenticity of the project (in case the borrower defaults the money can be recovered by re-selling the asset). Hence, Bank approvals are NOT a guarantee for the borrower’s investment to be risk free. Doing a detailed legal check on the land on which the property is being built, looking into the history of the location to see if there are any past references that may pose future threat and checking the property for its compliance on state environmental laws and alike, not contained in the limits in the Banks process , are some of the things that one must seek Legal Assistance on before pledging your hard earned money.

Our Legal Assistance is aimed at providing a detailed report on ‘what is’, thereby helping customers take well-informed decisions.


Why should you choose us?

✔ We offer assistance through independent counsels thereby making the process more transparent and reliable.

✔ Our legal report is fairly comprehensive; highlighting both pros and cons of the property, thus arming the customer with all the information that one? may need to make a decision.