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Legacy Planning & Will Management

• Legacy Planning is a financial strategy aimed at preparing a person to bequeath his or her assets to a loved one or next of kin after death. In the absence of plan or will to manage assets, managing assets might go against your wishes once it is passed on. In such a scenario, Legacy Planning is especially important for those with businesses or other assets requiring regular maintenance. Such affairs are typically planned and organized by a financial advisor.

• Just as with writing a will, early planning of your legacy is equally important to ensure affairs are in order. Financial Advisor ably guides towards reaching financial security allowing a comfortable life and also to leave wealth as part of your legacy which continues to prosper after they’ve been passed on.

• Further, Financial Advisory also involves having your wishes in writing, such as in a Will, with clearly defined wishes or preferences as to how affairs should be managed or what should become of it. Legacy Planning & Will Management is necessitated to ensure the following :

• Protection of Assets and Property.
• Safeguarding preferred lifestyle.
• Leaving a legacy for the next generation to claim.

Indiassetz is most capable of handling all the above and many more as your all-weather advisor on the ticklish and sensitive matter.