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‘Legacy’ is a lot more than that which one ‘wills’ on a piece of paper as a legal document outlining who he/she entrusts their real estate wealth with, after them, and how must it be maintained or used.

Unlike all the financial instruments that help build monetary wealth, Real Estate asset building demands the longest commitment from an investor, making it an integral part of their growing up process, like a piece of history. Therefore, leaving a ‘will’ is optional, but leaving a ‘legacy’ is inevitable.

In our endeavor to help people live on even after they are gone, through the legacy of wealth they have built through their lifetime, we at Indiassetz offer Legacy Planning And Will Management service to our customers, both young and old.

Legacy Planning is a financial strategy aimed at preparing an individual to bequeath his or her assets to a loved one or next of kin after death. It is quintessential to businesses and/or family’s Real Estate assets that may require regular maintenance and upkeep. The absence of a clear ‘plan’ or ‘will’ outlining individual responsibilities and source of finances to be used for maintaining the assets, could lead to loss of property or irreversible damages.

Our financial advisory and legal experts not only help you plan your legacy well in time but also help craft a ‘will’ that clearly states your wish on how your property be managed after you, considering your personal preferences, thereby protecting the asset from any dispute after your death.


Why should you choose us?

✔ Our comprehensive approach to Legacy Planning is aimed at making your Real Estate Wealth grow.

✔ Being mindful of the emotional value that each property carries with it for its owner, our team of experts strives to craft a holistic ‘will’ that is not only personally fulfilling but also legally sound.