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Government Liaising Work

• For any successful business to flourish, positive and timely interaction as well as coordination with several Government Agencies is equally important. Those who are familiar with the workings of the Government Agencies readily confer with the tribulations encountered while approaching for necessary clearances. More so in the field of Real-Estate Wealth Management & Advisory portfolios which demands tremendous amount of interactions with related Government Agencies.

• Since there are different Government Agencies involved vis-à-vis Property related sanctions - right from Registration of properties to Basic Amenities like Sewerage / Water / Electricity - converging on all of these together is no mean task. Also, it could be submission of property taxes, legal requirements, statutory approvals, encumbrance certificates, occupancy certificates and Registration formalities just to name a few. Unless one is skillfully adept at liaising work, most of us are bound to feel overwhelmed by the amount of challenges encountered to obtain necessary approvals / clearances, etc.

• Time consuming, relentless rounds to the corridors of power, sheer red-tapism, endless wait for approvals are some of the most common occurrences one associates while dealing with government agencies to undertake property related transactions. With less time at your disposal, pressing commitments – professional and / or domestic – no inclination to undergo complicated rigmarole, it is best advised to bank on Indiassetz to handle this cumbersome task with panache and deliver accordingly.

• Government liaising works is our strength, and trust us to own up and deliver with flair. Indiassetz is endowed with a team of experts who are not only well versed in handling various Government Agencies and officialdom effortlessly but also seasoned campaigners known for accomplishing entrusted tasks within stipulated deadline.

Rest assured, you need not run around or stand in queue.

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