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Advisory on Tax Laws and RERA

• More often than not, any property related deals – irrespective of deals being termed as nothing less than ideal – lasts only till you sign on the document. What follows is nightmarish experience for the investors who are pulled into legal quagmire requiring in-depth advice to emerge wiser with an eye to safeguard hard earned investments.

• What separates a good investment deal from that of dubious one is absolute command and expertise to read between the lines which often get mired in legal literature. Someone possessing proficient knowledge and experience in the Property Tax Laws is much sought after always and cheerfully welcomed with open arms. Indiassetz prides itself in having a team of Legal Eagles who are most adept at preparing contractual frameworks to offer investment advices on any properties including upcoming properties as well. Such expertise takes care of all minutest of details so as to enable you, our valued customers, to arrive at an informed decision(s).

• Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 coming into effect from 01 May 2017 is the biggest game changer for the Real Estate Industry having far reaching impact in the whole functioning of the industry per se. With the introduction of RERA, there is palpable disruption in the market for all concerned players including property owners in correctly comprehending the nitty-gritties of the Act. However, the real benefactor in all respects is the consumers.

• With the Goods and Services Tax kicking-in as well as the Income Computation and Disclosure Standards too are also being enforced, the backdrop in which Real Estate transactions is undertaken demands careful scrutinizing and analyzing. Specifically so looked from the perspective of Taxes, Regulatory, Accounting and obviously RERA.

• Indiassetz proudly boasts of possessing in-depth knowledge and expertise in advising our customers precisely keeping in line with these introductions. Our domain familiarity ensures that RERA laws are not only comprehended from all corners exhaustively but also followed in its true spirit and content.