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What are we

We are
'The Family Office
for Your Real Estate Wealth'


'Most people think buying is investing, but they're wrong. It doesn't make you an investor any more than buying groceries makes you a chef', said Gary Keller.

The term 'Real Estate' has been synonymous to only buying-selling of land or a built up asset and has come off age. What stands before us today is an opportunity to take personal ownership of our financial future and making the Real Estate Wealth grow.

Inspired by this very need to break the status quo and encourage people to look at Real Estate Wealth Management beyond just 'buying-sellng' diad, Indiassetz began its operations in 2014 as the single most professionally run Real Estate Advisory and Portfolio Management firm with the intent to be The Family Office for Your Real Estate Wealth.

Headquartered at country's fastest growing city, the IT capital of India, Indiassetz began its operations from Bengaluru and continues to expand its reach into other cities. We are present at two other major cities of southern India, Hyderabad and Chennai apart from Begaluru, through which we service over 3000 registered clients and their families both in India and overseas thus, generating an asset value of 2500 crores growing at the rate of 100% every fiscal year.

Backed with the wealth of experience of the ex-banker team that came together to create Indiassetz, we at Indiassetz strive to create value and experience like no other. As we continue to grow, we remain rooted to our core purpose of putting the 'customer' back in 'customer service'.

We are YOUR Wealth-Wishers!

What we do

We champion
wealth creation
keeping CUSTOMER
in the center of everything we do

Ninety percent of millionaires become so by managing their wealth right!

As a consumer, what you do by making an investment in real estate is to manage money. However the real measure of your wealth is how much you'd be worth if you lost all your money.

We at Indiassetz as your Real Estate partners help not only manage your wealth but create this wealth by managing your existing investments in real estate and consulting you on new acquisitions thereby making your wealth grow.

With a wide range of asset management and advisory services, our portfolio covers the length and breadth of all your Real Estate needs. As your partners, we Advise, Manage and Execute all that you need for your Real Estate Wealth portfolio as also representing you in various forums related to their Real Estate works. Keeping YOU, our customer at the center of everything we do, we continue to improvise and add-on new offerings on need basis thus, envisioning to be recounted as 'The Family Office for Your Real Estate Wealth' in every home. We are Here For YOU.

Some of the existing services on the menu range from Property Advisory, Maintenance of Assets, Tenancy Management, Government Liaison Work, Interior Design, Financing across Buying & Selling to name a few.

With an able team of professionals from the Banking and Finance industry, we the team at Indiassetz bring to you an in-depth know-how of the primary and secondary market alike, an unmatched acumen on investments and a strong hold on the Real Estate market thus being accredited as the first ever professionally run Real Estate Advisory and Portfolio Management Firm in the country.

Why you should work with us

Our core team has years of experience in property, finance, banking, and real estate. Over the course of our careers with various multinational companies, we worked with several clients who we helped to make investment decisions. Property was always the strongest contender, but the inability to be physically close to the property was always a major obstacle. We realized that there was a genuine need for professional services to help people looking to invest and manage properties in India. That was how Indiassetz came about.

In the beginning, we anticipated that most of our business, up to 90% of it, would come from Indians living outside the country. We were way off. Today, over a quarter of our business comes from resident Indians themselves. Clearly, there is a crying need in the market for a trustworthy property-management specialist.

To help you understand why you should work with us, allow us to place three scenarios before you.
Scenario 1: You are a busy professional living in Bengaluru. You live with your parents in a part of Bengaluru that is 20 kms away from where you have bought yourself your first piece of real estate - a 2 BHK apartment in an upcoming apartment complex. Your flat was ready a month ago, but you haven't found the time, energy or inclination to brave the Bengaluru traffic and do a final inspection of your property, approve it, and collect the keys. You shudder to think of all the trips to and from the flat that will be required before you can finish off some basic woodwork and upgrading, so that the flat can become rentable. And then there is the job of finding a good tenant. You wish there was someone who could take charge of all of this.

Scenario 2: You are a successful IT professional who lives in the US with his young family. You know that real estate is booming in India and want to invest in a couple of good properties. You don't trust online research and therefore rely on your friends and family in India for recommendations. However, you know that they are not experts and are not sure, therefore, on how much you can trust their recommendations. You decide to check out properties for yourself on your next trip home. But all the properties you are interested in are miles away from each other, and you are reluctant to spend so much of your precious family time at home dashing about from one property to the other. Eventually, you make a decision just before you leave. But there is so much more paperwork to be done. You could give your parents or your brother a power-of-attorney to handle your affairs, but you know it would not be fair to burden them. You wish there was a professional outfit that you could pay a fee to and demand such services from.

Scenario 3: You are a homemaker whose children have just gone off to college. You live in Delhi, but your parents still live in the large house that you grew up in Bengaluru. Your parents are getting old and frail, and it is difficult for them to manage such a big house by themselves. You feel they would be happier in an apartment complex, with good security and amenities like traffic-free walking paths and plumber-on-call. You have finally got them to agree to the idea as well. But you are stumped when it comes to identifying a suitable apartment that isn't too far away from the neighbourhood they are used to, and to figuring out what to do with the old house - sell outright, work out a joint development plan with a builder, rent? You wish there was someone to advise you on the right thing to do.

If any of these scenarios sound even vaguely familiar, you already have your answer as to why you should work with us. Because those are exactly the kinds of things we do at Indiassetz -
• Taking charge of your property portfolio, down to getting interiors done, finding a tenant, and liaising with your builder for all the paperwork;

• Helping you manage your properties from wherever you are in the world without having to burden friends and family;

• Advising you on real-estate decisions taking into consideration your specific needs and constraints

We also offer a wide range of other related services - including arranging financial assistance for buying property from trusted financial institutions, legal advice and expertise to help you with the fine print in real-estate and financial contracts, and close-to-the-ground advice on the best new developments to invest in.

Plus, there is the benefit of working with a team of committed, service-oriented, customer-focused professionals that you can trust, with years of high-level experience behind them.

Seriously, it's a no-brainer.