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Meet Our Team

  • Shivam Sinha


    Born into a business family in Bhopal, Shivam Sinha Graduated from Kolkata with a degree in Commerce, obtained an MBA in Marketing from Bangalore. Though family business beckoned, Shivam pursued career in the banking sector - 16 long and successful years in multinational banking organizations like HSBC and Standard Chartered, respectively. Resolute attitude sums up Shivam’s professional growth.

    Exposure to challenging verticals vis-à-vis banking environments / practises during decade and a half long period sculpted Shivam into an accomplished expert. As any ingenious and inspired individual would vouch unequivocally, strong urgings to carve out a niche in entrepreneurial endeavours are but a natural phenomenon. Shivam was evidently not immune to this allure. Resultant outcome of his deep aspiration took shape with the establishment of Indiassetz.

    Shivam minces no words in admitting that the challenges galore encountered whilst serving in the banking industry were tackled skilfully with utmost support of equally driven colleagues. Graciously acknowledges the fact that success depends on the able support of others and nothing can ever be achieved alone. Of course, this endearing leadership quality has immensely contributed in many of his erstwhile banking colleagues joining hands to form a formidable team now. Thus, each one of them nourishes common goal of realizing Indiassetz scale unheard-of heights.

    Upon querying as to what sets of Management fundamentals he practices to perpetually inspire colleagues - quintessential sportsmen and fitness freak that he is - Shivam declares that no book offers readymade success formulas. But strongly believes those practical years spent on a sports field shaped him to acquire human nuances. Persistence, Never giving up, staying positive all through, and immensely driven, come what may, is the Mantra for Shivam. His entire persona could be aptly related to the adage

    “There is no substitution for hard work and no better thinking than staying positive”. No half-measures for sure.

  • Seema Harsha

    Chief Operating Officer

    Team Indiassetz colleagues admiringly term her ‘Fiercely Competitive’, ‘Out-of-the-box thinker’, ‘Tough Boss’, ‘Proactive’ and ‘Go Getter’. Such accolades comfortably sit over Seema Harsha’s persona. Designated as Chief Operations Officer at Indiassetz, Seema’s career is fashioned over mostly less treaded path. Handsome outcomes so far amply demonstrate her professional and leadership life.

    Seema commenced professional journey at Centurion Bank that merged with Bank of Muscat. Just couple of years into the job, she was bestowed the responsibility of heading the branch.

    Apart from a brief stint in HSBC interspersed between her spells in Standard Chartered Bank, Seema emerged wiser owing to great exposure in verticals like SME Banking, Corporate Banking & Retail Liabilities, handling slew of clients from SMEs to giant multinationals. To her credit, emerged with flying colours turning around an under 5 crore business into a whopping 500 crore business in flat six months.

    Enviable feat indeed observed from any angle. Swift progression to the role of Zonal CEO for the South, DHFL Pramerica ensued with a mandate to set up business from the scratch. This particular assignment turned out to be a huge game-changer for Seema’s transforming professional horizon entirely. Felt primed up enough to assume even more daunting tasks that duly came in the form of Indiassetz.

    Seema wholeheartedly stepped in upon Shivam’s invitation to be a part of novel but exciting venture. Acquaintance of years spent together with sociable colleagues played a definite role to forge a partnership that would alter the course of Indiassetz for greater good. Seema gladly attributes her decisiveness, self-assured appearance, and optimistic attitude to all former mentors.

    During spare times, fiercely independent feminist in her comes to the fore essaying the role of Mentor, advising women how to make their presence felt in patriarchal workplace and to strike healthy work-life balance. Heady mixture of talent, acumen, ambition and vivaciousness to conquer newer contests, one must say.

  • Siddharth Shah

    Siddharth Shah

    Director - Business & Strategy, Telangana & AP

    Quintessential Hyderabad lad, an MBA in Marketing & International Business with Gold Medals to boot amply showcase educational and intellectual skill-sets of Siddharth. Enviously, he was also awarded with Faculty Gold Medal for All-round Development on triumphant completion of MBA, a rare twin accomplishment (along with academic gold medals) yet to be bettered even now.

    Siddharth’s strength lies in starting new businesses from the scratch with frugal resources and ramping it to the exceptional heights with creative structuring on people, processes and ideas. He started professional career at the nascent stage of Careercommunity.com, previous avatar of LinkedIn, before moving out to join Tata AIG Life Insurance as a founder employee. Served with distinction for five years and gradually climbed up to the position of Head of Rest of Andhra Pradesh. Extremely fruitful tenure indeed with exposure to verticals like Business Development, Strategy to develop Metro and Off Metro locations, helping mould professional development. By now Siddharth had extensively travelled and worked in Key markets of Mumbai, New Delhi NCR, Chennai and many tier 2 locations as well.

    Hyderabad beckoned back when Standard Chartered offered to lead their CASA and Wealth Management Acquisition Business. Decade long association with the Bank ensured Siddharth climbing up to Head CASA & Wealth Management and Priority Banking, Retail Lending Business etc. Years of eventful exposure to very diverse banking verticals has stood Siddharth in good stead. Involved with Indiassetz since the very beginning and as such, Siddharth is not only instrumental in establishing its presence in Hyderabad market but also leads the same.

    Nature loving Siddharth absolutely looks forward to visit wildlife sanctuaries to indulge self in birdwatching and the avid photographer in him surfaces to capture some of the most gratifying pictures as well. Giving back to society in whatever form is a natural urge for many and Siddharth is no exception. He is the Past President of a Lions Club and continues to be actively involved in social service projects of his club.

  • Divya Krishna

    Director - Family Office

    Graduate Degree in Commerce followed by Post Graduate Degree in HR outlines Udupi girl Divya Krishna’s education qualification. Started professional career at erstwhile Centurion Bank that lasted for 4 years and post-merger with HDFC Bank, spent a much longer stint of 7 years with the known banking entity. Determined disposition and sheer dent of hard-work propelled Divya as Head of Operations of the bank’s largest branch in South India.

    Divya had a natural passion and affinity for Real Estate endeavours wherein interested customers of the Bank would happily seek her inputs about properties. Call it fortitude or up commence, free-spirited entrepreneurial Divya always contemplated exploring passion for textiles and fashion designing further. Favourable exposure to the fashion designing vertical ensued Divya exiting Banking industry after more than a decade.

    Took plunge with all her might to establish and run the fashion designing firm. Divya ensured very successful run for more than three years and still continues to do so as an ancillary option. Nonetheless, she continued to lookout for suitable opportunities towards undiminished passion for Real Estate sector. As luck would have it, Indiassetz beckoned at most opportune time throwing open doors for yet another challenging enterprise.

    Divya wasted no time at the prospect of being a part of formidable group of motivated colleagues to realize Indiassetz scale never-seen-before heights in the Real Estate Portfolio Management & Advisory world. Divya’ s dogged approach, unaltered dedication, focused determination and burning appetite to create a niche for herself and Indiaassetz in particular drives her relentlessly. She not only believes in the saying ‘success requires no apologies and failure permits no alibis’ but also follows the maxim to the last word.

  • Vibin V.P

    Director - Family Office

    Hailing from Kerala, this BSc Mathematics graduate dreamt of making it big in the world of call centre boom of last decade. Hugely inspired by many of his ilk making a dash to cut teeth into tempting call centre work prospects, Vibin too aspired to join the growing influx. As the fate would have it, he was spared the ignominy of getting bracketed amongst ‘have been’ as something exciting waited on him.

    Vibin continued testing waters at various other avenues. One such search yielded result landing him with a Relationship Executive position at a luxury hotel. Communication skills learnt and confidence so gained on the job would stand him in good stead when he got himself enrolled into earning a course in Call-Centre employment.

    Further, landing with a banking work in HSBC followed by stint in Standard Chartered ensued. Ten long eventful years in the banking industry were not only stimulating but threw open numerous paths for exploration. As if to give wings to growing aspirations; Vibin was sought by – whom else but Shivam Sinha of course – to be a part of Indiassetz and was duly obliged. Vibin continues to impress in no small measures due to his never say die attitude, passion to succeed, and an eternal positive attitude .

    Adventurous and impulsive streak takes him on long winding unplanned road trips whenever vacation opportunity presents itself. Embracing life’s fantastic offerings is immensely pleasurable and Vibin certainly cherishes the same. Fortunately, he has an equally adventurous family though, and in tandem they create such sojourns into most memorable ones.

  • Anshuman Tiwari

    Director - Family Office

    Armed with an Electronics Engineering Degree, Bhopal boy Anshuman Tiwari’s career took-off from Nagpur in an Electronics Company selling annual maintenance contracts for computers to Nagpur Sahkari Bank. After honing skills in sales, it dawned upon Anshuman that he is predominantly gifted with natural affinity for selling. Riding on this passion, Anshuman had a fruitful association with Reliance Telecom and Hutchison SR, respectively in Bangalore.

    Anshuman and Shivam go a very long way back right from childhood. No sooner Shivam established himself in Standard Chartered Bank, urged Anshuman to seek role in Mortgages unit of the bank. Showing mettle, this consummately natural networker climbed up the ladder of success to head the Retail Loans in Standard Chartered Bank at his home base.

    No sooner Shivam reached out to Anshuman to join him at Indiassetz, neither second invitation was required nor sought for. Here the best mates for life had yet another opportunity to work together and would not let go the prospect to make most of it. Most evidently, lives of childhood pals are interwoven through some quirky fate even today.

    Make no mistake, Anshuman does not subscribe one bit about all work and no play regimen. Two childhood buddies know a thing or two about relaxing and hence hang out or travel together on holidays with their respective families in tow. Adventurous duo head out on road trips too with rest of the Indiassetz team seeking quality time and build camaraderie. Nice union of friendship, work, leisure and fun keeps Anshuman going.

  • Amit Patodia


    After a brief spell in the family run Iron and Steel business, Amit Patodia wished to explore alternatives. His quest opened doors to Standard Chartered bank’s credit card department. Having taken to the job consummately, in no time his efforts paid handsome dividends. Standard Chartered ranked him as No. 1 Pan-India in credit card sales. Indeed, a very distinguished accomplishment in the cut-throat world of credit card sales.

    Consistent performance for four years elevated him to the position of Head of Personal Loans at Standard Chartered Bangalore Centre. Subsequent stint in Hyderabad followed post which, he shifted base to Mumbai as Regional Head Sales, Western Region. Indeed, a steep climb on career front. As is his wont, Amit was on the lookout for venturing into more stimulating commercial undertakings away from the banking routines.

    As if on cue, Shivam Sinha invited him to assume responsibilities at Indiassetz. Amit at once relished exposure in the fast-emerging Real-Estate Wealth Management & Advisory portfolios. Mere knowledge about shouldering challenging dimensions of property related business endeavours was sufficient to perk him up. What sealed the process instantly was contributing alongside progressively thinking group of well-intentioned former colleagues.

    There is no looking back since then. Affable father of two firmly believes in adopting philosophical outlook towards life embracing whatever situations with equanimity. Hence, continues to retain good-natured bearing even now. Music aficionado in him contributes in maintaining Amit’s commendable equilibrium towards life & work challenges – particularly English Jazz, blues and soulful Hindi film songs – in the face of testing times. Not surprisingly, his conviction in “Living life to the fullest” gets big thumbs up from his colleagues.

  • Sabareesh. V.P

    Associate Director - Family Office

    With a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration in tow, Sabareesh alias Appu joined Standard Chartered Bank and subsequently at Indiabulls for a cumulative 05 years in the Banking and Financial Services sectors, respectively. Having gained valuable exposure to challenging but interesting functionalities, overseas venture beckoned in the form of shouldering responsibilities as Procurement / Commercial Officer in addition to enacting the role of PRO at Oil & Gas Trading Company in Qatar.

    This particular 05 years stint abroad turned out to be a huge learning curve that not only primed up Appu to look out for more challenging avenues but also allowed him to return back with renewed confidence. As luck would have it, opportunity presented itself when Indiassetz opened its doors to Appu in the fast emerging field of Real-Estate Wealth Management & Advisory portfolios which was duly accepted and embraced with absolute glee.

    Since then Appu has indeed proved his mettle in no small measure and is currently positioned as Manager – Business Operations, Bangalore and Hyderabad Units, respectively. Adage ‘There is no substitution for hard work and such determined efforts always pays back handsomely’ gets reaffirmed in this instant case.

    An affable and fun loving individual, Appu is extremely fond of Music, Dance and Sports and not necessarily in that order. A firm believer in socializing that also entails making as many friends in the bargain, living life cheerfully by staying positive against all odds is what drives Appu to keep exploring further on this front.

  • Swathi Rai Chowdhary

    Associate Director – Sales

    A Science Graduate from renowned Women’s college in Bangalore, Swathi commenced her career as Buying Admin Officer at TESCO. She was entrusted with tasks related to HR, Admin and related verticals which were swiftly grasped and this knowledge so gained would stand her in good stead sooner than later.

    Through a common friend, Swati got introduced to Shivam who in turn extended her an offer to strengthen Indiassetz by handling Strategy & Portfolio related verticals. Sprightly and ever so keen Swati is absolutely determined to establish her budding career in the field of Real-Estate Wealth Management & Advisory Portfolios amidst knowledgeable but extremely helpful colleagues.

    In a very short span at Indiassetz, Swati has seen herself elevated into the august Core Team that speaks volumes about potentiality and promises she possesses in abundance to scale up further in career. Self-declared go getter with oodles of positive attitude, Swati relishes shouldering any challenges without battling an eyelid. Swati assiduously nurtures dream to explore her passion about dancing and to travel extensively in years ahead.