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Who We Are

The Family Office
for Your Real Estate Wealth


'Most people think buying is investing, but they're wrong. It doesn't make you an investor any more than buying groceries makes you a chef', said Gary Keller.

The term 'Real Estate' has been synonymous with only buying-selling of land or a built up asset and has come off age. What stands before us today is an opportunity to take personal ownership of our financial future and making the Real Estate Wealth grow.

Inspired by this very need to break the status quo and encourage people to look at Real Estate Wealth Management beyond just 'buying-selling' diad, Indiassetz began its operations in 2014 as the single most professionally run Real Estate Advisory and Portfolio Management firm with the intent to be The Family Office for Your Real Estate Wealth.

Headquartered in country's fastest growing city, the IT capital of India, Indiassetz began its operations from Bengaluru and continues to expand its reach into other cities - Mumbai, Hyderabad and Chennai, with an ever expanding presence across India, through which we service more than 4000 registered clients and their families both in India and overseas thus, generating an asset value in excess of $1 billion and growing.

Backed with the wealth of experience of the ex-banker team that came together to create Indiassetz, we at Indiassetz strive to create value and experience like no other. As we continue to grow, we remain rooted to our core purpose of putting the 'customer' back in 'customer service'.

We are YOUR Wealth-Wishers!

What we do


Ninety percent of millionaires become so by managing their wealth right! As a consumer, what you do by making an investment in real estate is to manage money.

However the real measure of your wealth is how much you'd be worth if you lost all your money.
We at Indiassetz as your Real Estate partners help not only manage your wealth but create this wealth by managing your existing investments in real estate and consulting you on new acquisitions thereby making your wealth grow.

With a wide range of asset management and advisory services, our portfolio covers the length and breadth of all your Real Estate needs. As your partners, we Advise, Manage and Execute all that you need for your Real Estate Wealth portfolio as also representing you in various forums related to their Real Estate works. Keeping YOU, our customer at the center of everything we do, we continue to improvise and add-on new offerings on need basis thus, envisioning to be recounted as 'The Family Office for Your Real Estate Wealth' in every home. We are Here For YOU.

Some of the existing services on the menu range from Property Advisory, Maintenance of Assets, Tenancy Management, Government Liaison Work, Interior Design, Financing across Buying & Selling to name a few.

With an able team of professionals from the Banking and Finance industry, we the team at Indiassetz bring to you an in-depth know-how of the primary and secondary market alike, an unmatched acumen on investments and a strong hold on the Real Estate market thus being accredited as the first ever professionally run Real Estate Advisory and Portfolio Management Firm in the country.