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Buy, Sell & Rent

Buying / Selling / Renting or Leasing properties is such a cumbersome and time consuming process that it leaves most of us exasperated. Add to that the legal conundrum and Government Liaising works involving various agencies, you are guaranteed to feel over-whelmed by the sheer volume of challenges. Imagine when all of these troublesome irritants associated with property transactions are addressed without you undergoing any problematic situations whatsoever. This is where Indiassetz steps in and ensures you stay free of all foreseeable troubles. Let’s dissect how the modalities are undertaken to its logical conclusion at each vertical of property transaction


• After prospecting formalities are completed, sitting across the table and understanding your requirements assume paramount importance for us. Chalking out nitty-gritties of your requirements and expectations, we will go about providing solutions like identifying right options, carrying out Negotiations / Legal Clearances, Documentation and Registration.

• We are well prepared to place before you a bouquet of such properties where in Indiassetz could be relied upon to not only manage but also maintain the property bought to your satisfaction. Invest in properties confidently from anywhere, anytime.


• If you are on the lookout to sell property, needn’t look far ahead. Indiaassetz not only specializes in identifying a genuine buyer and strive for better pricing but also helps in winding up all concerned legally mandated paper works too. Entire transaction cycle shall be managed by us.

• Your involvement will be restricted to approvals and conclusions. Further, if you so desire, we are well equipped too to advise subsequent investment in assets generation of your liking. Anything for your comforts, no questions asked. Trust us in finding a suitable buyer.


• Our services are not restricted in identifying suitable tenant alone but also verifying bona fide and striving for enhanced rentals yield as well. We understand your natural inclination to allow usage of property without having to undergo undue anxiety as to how the place will look once vacated. Tenancy Management ensures you relax while we execute.

• Additionally, we participate in preparation of Legal Agreements, Shouldering Maintenance requirements, timely submission of Paychecks and are prepared to address any pressing requirements in the distant future too. Our motto is to minimize involvement from your busy schedule. We’ll help in determining responsible tenants.