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The rate at which India is growing is exponential. As an investment destination, it simply makes sense to invest in India over any developed country. Property remains the most lucrative investment, offering the highest returns, easy liquidity, and several tax benefits. However, if you are not in the same city as your property, managing the property asset becomes a challenge. Fund managers look after funds, but who will manage your property investments?

Buying, owning, and selling a property, all require constant attention and local know-how. Unscrupulous middlemen, difficulties in remotely choosing tenants and administrating rent, the worry of ensuring security, thorough documentation and upkeep, even finding a discrete and trusted advisor to sell and buy – all these are strong deterrents to buying a property in India.

You need a representation in India, in the city where your property is located, to fully reap the benefits of the property. Family and friends are a reliable option, but this takes time out of their lives. Many times they need to find the right contacts, or chase paper trails through this disorganized business.

Indiassetz is the country’s foremost professionally run property management services company. We a team of qualified experts with over 65 years of experience in property management, finance and banking, and real estate. Building on our experience working with MNC organizations, we bring you the experience of reliable service with the promise of professionalism and trust.

We are your representatives in India.

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